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We have switched to Fulfilment Service Model. Whatsapp for more info
Flawless Brows
Flawless Brows
Flawless Brows

Flawless Brows

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  •  Precise and still -  Precise tip helps remove unwanted hair, targets the smallest areas to help you maintain perfect eyebrows. You no longer need tweezers!
  • Painless and comfortable - Specially designed for flawless eyebrows to end the touch. Instantly and painlessly remove unwanted and stray eyebrows, without irritation, blemishes, cuts, bumper or redness.
  • Stylish and easy to carry - With the size of a lipstick, this product provides optimal hair removal at all times for women who have no time to go to the salon again and again. Very ideal for traveling. 
  • Built-in light - The LED lights clearly show the smallest hair and ensure complete trimming.

Our innovative hypoallergenic hair remover uses precision micro-blade technology to remove even the tiniest hairs on the face and the body without any pain or redness, leaving your skin feeling incredibly smooth. This discreet and stylish hair remover is a new alternative to waxing that doesn't irritate your skin.  Your new best-kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows!


  1. Remove cap
  2. Click the button to turn on the device
  3. Pull your skin tight, place the epilator against your skin
  4. Move it around gently & slowly (device should not be at an angle)
  5. When done, turn it off & put on cap (clear removal head if needed)

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